Spiritual Assessment Tool Essay

If one decides to ask their community of believers for help, a great question to ask would be: "How do I help you experience God? Learning about how they help others experience God is great indication of what their spiritual gifts are.

Once a Christian is able to realize what their spiritual gifts are, they can start letting God's voice be heard in whatever environment they are in.

Due to the complexity of a supernatural gift, there is great confusion within individuals.

This unfortunately causes some gifts to go undeveloped.

They’re the ones that raise my self esteem, they tell me I can do it so they make me believe I can till I actually go and do it.

My parents are still together so they have shown me it is possible to have a healthy relationship with someone that may actually last.

Spiritual Gifts Inventory Celeste Sanchez Azusa Pacific University College REL105 June 4, 2014 Professor Martinez-Vazquez Christians believe that spiritual gifts are given to those that believe in Christ.

These gifts range from wisdom to speaking in tongues.

These gifts are meant to be used as a divine tool for helping others and spreading the word of God.

It is a divine tool that has been bestowed on them for greater use.


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