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Examples of qualitative approaches include ethnography (immersing yourself in one specific culture or group of people to conduct in-depth interviews and observation), phenomenology (exploring the participant's subjective interpretations), grounded theory (creating new theory that is grounded in the data) or action research (the researcher is part of what is being studied, such as a teacher researching her own classroom). Common qualitative methods include participant observation, direct observation, interviewing and document reviews. For example, if you are conducting an ethnographic study you would want to rely more heavily on observation techniques. Typically, qualitative researchers will analyze their data using a system of alphabetic codes that express different themes or concepts that emerge from the information. This will include your name, academic institution and the title of the research. This is a brief paragraph, less than one page long double-spaced, that includes the basics or a summary of the research. Include a literature review with information that you have already found in peer-reviewed journals.Add information on your research methods and procedures, such as how the sample was chosen, who the participants are and the design. Include a discussion of the findings as they apply to general theory and the specific field.

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Most qualitative papers should follow APA style format.

This is the accepted social and educational science format.

To find these resources, use your keywords/search terms followed by the word "AND bibliographies" in the Classic Catalog.

Additional details on using the catalog to find books and media Journal articles are a great resource for learning about cutting-edge research in your area.

But this may turn to be a nightmare when you start the research process.

The reader will easily come to know while reading the report that has no interest in the topic and may mark your report as less appropriate. While selecting our topic you should cross check it to make it sure that you have enough data available to write the report easily.

Adapted from the Association of Colleges and Research Libraries "Objectives for Information Literacy Instruction", which are more complete and include outcomes.

If you know you are interested in doing research in a broad subject area, try to think of ways you can make your subject more specific. For example, if you are interested in writing about sleep disorders you might ask yourself the following question: Can sleep disorders affect academic success in college students?

Qualitative research helps social and educational scientists and researchers to explore and describe a variety of different topics or a phenomena that can range from the interpersonal culture of a remote tribe to effective classroom practices.

Although there are no strict mathematical or statistical rules for qualitative data, in contrast to quantitative research, this type of study does involve a specific methodology.


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