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I’ve been reading it for three days, during my little pauses at work. These responses point to the resonance of Alex’s personal narrative: His perspective makes the story of Lola all the more vivid, because of—not in spite of—its flaws and his guilt. We’ll be publishing several articles to follow Alex’s essay, situating his story in a broader cultural and economic context.

Couldn’t have finished it at one blow, because was always starting to cry and my team was asking me if everything was fine. However, Rob Byron, another reader, points out the limits of that point of view: has practiced since its inception.” Respectfully, I would ask Mr. It’s straight memoir, soup to nuts, and the editorial decision to print it without any further reporting to prop it up seems dubious. A friend of mine who’s a respected editor and colleague had this to say: “Hopefully some talented journalist will pick up the thread and report from [Lola’s] hometown about the slave system still in place there or dig deeper into slavery in the U. The first, by Ai-jen Poo, discusses the persistence of modern-day slavery in the U. We’ll also be publishing the personal stories of readers like Claudia, who experienced conditions similar to those Lola did.

It also foolishly ignores how complicated family relationships are. Rarely are the narrators of the world’s most necessary or impactful stories blameless.

I cannot help but agree that Tizon’s complacence over the years—especially as he grew older—amounts to an offense.

When I learned his story would be on the cover of the magazine I was proud. On the one hand, Alex was a dogged reporter, a talented writer, a friendly colleague. I am sorry for the loss of a good journalist who was my co-worker.

But on the other hand, I’m embarrassed (I wonder: Why does any of this rub off on me?Katrina Langford calls it a masterpiece: “I can only imagine how difficult this journey was to make as a writer.” Frank Daniels calls it “an amazing article, by an amazing and compassionate man.” Ruby Moon calls it a love letter: “It touched me to the point that it made me cry.” Many describe intense emotional reactions: tears, shaking hands, sweaty palms, and an inability to stop reading.They write about reading and weeping at work, in class, or in the middle of the night, as if Lola and Alex had entered their lives.It co-incided with HSC Drama's showcase On Stage Week, which attracts drama students from all over NSW to performances and exhibits pieces by the previous year's high-achieving HSC Drama students.The aim of this exhibition was to give HSC students (and regional schools in Sydney for On Stage Week) who attended STC's a value-added experience.) that he did not do much more, much sooner to improve her life.Knowing what he did, why did he allow his mother to continue to “own” this woman?They were given the chance to explore the primary source research material - preserved in STC Archives after no longer being used to produce a play - that directly relates to their upcoming studies for their HSC year.The STC productions selected for investigation were (2010), were also included.Students and teachers alike were enthusiastic about this opportunity to explore all the behind-the-scenes materials of the plays they are currently studying.Apart from school students, exhibition attendees included members of the audience for in Sydney Theatre, who seemed to appreciate learning more about theatre and the company.


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