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Together, these should show why your company represents an excellent investment opportunity.Try to define your company’s “wow factor”--the one aspect of your venture that makes it stand out from all others the investors may be considering. Start with the basics--the name of your company, location, what industry you operate in, what products or services you offer and what stage of development your company has reached.If you intend to have the capital come into the company in stages, disclose when each stage will be and how much each amount will be. Include a table that shows key categories, such as revenues, cost of goods sold, operating costs and pretax profit for the three-year to five-year time period the business plan covers.

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Research is only truly valuable when it’s able to inform business decisions and strategies.

Once research is performed, there is work to be done in terms of packaging findings in a way that easily communicates the need for an altered strategy to leadership.

Follow this with a succinct one- or two-sentence statement of why your target customers have a compelling need--right now--for your products or services. The investor needs to know how your company will generate revenues.

Tell him whether you are marketing to consumers or to businesses, and whether you are selling products or services, or both.

Showing an executive that you have the right business for the job takes as much research as it does entrepreneurial ingenuity – and many business plans are heavy on dreams and light on fact.

The executive summary is a condensed version of your business plan document.

The Small Business Administration says on its website that the “most important section” of a business plan is the executive summary.

This is because the summary often goes to prospective investors first, with the anticipation they will be impressed with what they read and request the full business plan.

Taking the time to write a concise, engaging executive summary of two to four pages improves your chances of succeeding in your search for capital.

Identify the five most important themes you want the investor to remember, and incorporate these in the summary.


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