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Philosophy and Principles of 3 Martial Arts - Suzanne Main Societies View of a Martial Artist - A Personnel Approach - By Rodney Thistoll The Juche idea - Beryl Pimblott Juche & Ko-Dang - A brief History - Helen Miller The Five Tenets - the soul of Taekwon-Do - Bob Markstein Taekwon-Do : Sport, Art, Science or Philosophy?

- Sandi Galpin The Importance of Respect in Taekwon-Do - Jeremy Hanna Sport or Martial Art - Christine Young Sport vs Art - Toni Moki The way - Neil Kettings 2014: How to teach Ground Self-defence to 1st Degree Black Belts - Debbie Hart 2013: Thoughts on Self Defence Training - Shaun Skedgwell A Guide to Basic Stick Self Defence - Alois Vogt Teaching Taekwon-Do in a club: It’s not just all-about the student …

But what can possibly teach us what is right and what is wrong, help us achieve balance and become better persons through the practice of the martial arts?

Grand Master’s teaching on the mat that day helped me make the connection: Philosophy – with its distinct ability to distinguish between right and wrong and point out the truth – co-existing with proven skills in the martial arts is the key.

It is what makes the unification of mind and body possible.

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The mind is the voice of reason, which can protect even a technically advanced practitioner from self-destruction.- Hung Tri Nguyen Club Instructor protocol for parents Teaching children en masse - Sonya Robinson Application and effectiveness of Taekwon-Do in the face of modern combat techniques and styles - Tomonori Shibata 2011: Adding Realism to Coloured Belt Self Defence Syllabus - Carl Robinson : Self Defence - Alois Vogt 2009: Self Defence - What is it?- Mark Turner Self Defence and Competition Sparring - Brett Kimberley Older essays Dallyon: Conditioning for Self Defence - Richard Lavin A Guide to the ITFNZ Self Defence Syllabus - Chris Fitzgerald Effective Self Defence - Graeme Insull Taekwon-Do and the Law of New Zealand - Mark Banicevich Taekwon-Do Patterns and Sparring as a Form of Self-Defence - Mark Hanna Taekwon-Do Self Defence and the Law - Graeme Flemming What Self Defence in the club doesn't teach you - Kane Raukura 2014: Trying to understand the concept of breath control and sine wave - Seida School-Latour Power Required to Break Boards - Richard Burr 2013: TKD Movement Fundamentals 101 - Nick Lee Taekwon-Do and Movement - Shane Rogers Intermediate Positions - Peter Gudsell 2012: Quantitatively measuring power – Reaction Force, A pilot study - Ben Wylie-van Eerd 2011: Stances As performed in Patterns Chon-Ji to Choi-Yong - Darren Andrew 2010: Complete Colour Belt Syllabus (18 meg) sample - Rose Cherrington Name that Technique - Brendan Doogan Quick Reference Guide for Patterns 10th Kup to 3rd Dan - Simon Mallinson Older essays A Discussion of Commonly Misunderstood and Misused Terminology - Matthew Breen Biomechanics To Improve Taekwon-Do Technique - Danny Ward Do You Want To Know A Secret?- Greg Dyson 2010: Instructing Taekwon-Do by way of Part Practice - Richard Rogers The Life of an Instructor - Matt Davey Older essays Are we protected?- Lena Walton Childrens' Motivation and Reward Programme - Brett Kraiger Competency and Learning in Taekwon-Do - Brett Kraiger Games your students will enjoy - Peter Chapman Instructing a Class - James Rimmer ITFNZ Techniques Handbook Expanded - George Konia My Experience with Children and Taekwon-Do - Rose Cherrington How Instructors Approach New Members - Gwyn Brown Role Taekwon-Do Plays in Young Learners - Peter Laio So You Want To Start A Club - Peter Graham Significance of Social Interactions Among Club Members - Lawrence Mantjika Teaching Terminology - an Integrated Approach - Shirley Pygott Teaching the art of Self Defence - Ryan van Heerden The Bond between Instructor and Student - Richard Iotua Tips for Taekwon-Do Training and instruction - Terry Woods Thoughts on Teaching Patterns - Royston Lim Training Children - Arthur Atutahi Understanding the ideals of being a better Teacher (Juniors) - Andrew Niven Ways to make training more fun - Ian Walton What Makes A Good Instructor - Haydn Cain Older essays Advertising Design and Taekwon-Do [excerpt only] - James Buchan How to create a massive Taekwon-Do School - Hayden Breese How to Raise Money for Taekwon-Do through Sponsorship - Carl Matthews Marketing your Taekwon-Do Club - David Ballard Maintaining a Web Site - Gray Patterson Participation Motivation in ITFNZ Taekwon-Do - Hayden Breese Retention of Taekwon-Do Students - Craig Evans So, you want some money for your Taekwon-Do club - David Lo 2015: A Plan Changer - dealing with a major injury - Kara Timmer 2012: Benefits of Growing up with Taekwon-do - Robert Meleisea 2010: The story begins back in 1967 in Vietnam - Hung Nguyen 2009: Taekwon-Do and the Mature Student - Sonya Robinson Taekwon-Do, A Way of Life - Greg Christie Older essays A guide to getting from white to black - Hayden Breese Mature Student's Journey in TKD - Florinda Petterson Females in Taekwon-Do - Kirsten Lingstone From one Black Belt to Another - Murray Smith How did Taekwon-Do influence your life - Marlene Lee Mind Power In Taekwon-Do Training - Ms Christine Young My Pregnancy and Taekwon-Do - Kirsten Livingstone My Story so far - Wayne Ebert My Taekwon-Do Career - by Max Hana - Beryl Pimblott Success and Taekwon-Do - Vince Pygott Taekwon-Do as a "Way of Life" during the formative years - Anthea Markstein Taekwon-Do Under Fire - Ali Gul Ali The Mountains we Climb - Kane Raukura The Psychology of Success - Sean Carver - Matthew Breen - Mark Banicevich - Lawrence Mantjika - Hayden Breese - Gwyn Brown Living The Tenets - Florinda Petterson Moral Culture - Louise Chan Older essays An Artistic Interpretation of the Patterns - Matthew Breen Children - Attitudes and their life - Helen Kettings "Do" in Taekwon-Do - Rene Kunz I shall Build a More Peaceful World - Dave Ballard Loyalty - Dave Ballard, Lawrence Mantjika, Ian Campbell, Shaun Tolley, Hayden Breese, Cameron Snelling, Mark Trotter and Gwyn Brown.Read More Check my my epic journey with my daughter Paress to Greece and Cyprus, 2015. If you need your business portrait in Oakville or family portrait taken, please drop me a note.Visit also my other sites: Travel site, Telling Photos where some of my photography work is for sale, and web-microsites.However, now that I am here, it feels it’s just another milestone in my long journey.What does it all mean to me then, today, three years later?- Christine Young ITFNZ Grading Syllabus - Neill Livingstone Leaping the Hurdle - overcoming the transition from junior to senior - Anna Hall Marshalling - An essential skill required by all ITFNZ Black Belts - Rebecca Doogan Preparation for Black Belt Grading - Suzzane Main Tips for Grading Preparation - Lousie Chan 2015: Dealing with Asperger’s Syndrome and Taekwon-Do - Juan de Dios Dougnac 2014: What can we learn from National Taekwon-Do Norway?- Brice Valles 2012: Technology in Taekwon-Do - Scott Sutherland Is it ‘Party’ time for ITKD - Rana Moanaroa 2011: Why International Taekwon-Do is the Martial Art of My Choice - Clint King South Island Family Participation in Taekwon-Do - Lorraine Eade NCEA Level 3 Year 13 Physical education - Tim Couling 2009: Community Development in Taekwon-Do - Chanthie Thach Teenagers and Taekwon-Do - Melissa Timperley White to Black in Black & White - Brett Kraiger Older essays Junior's Growth - Mark Trotter ITFNZ - Past, Present And Future - Peter Graham Improving ITFNZ for Juniors in Taekwon-Do - Mark Trotter Japan International Taekwon-Do Federation - the history, management and training style - Kosuke Yamamoto My Personal Journey with Martial Arts - John Matsuoka Nam Wah Pai Kung Fu and beginning Taekwon-Do as a black belt - Devon Pittman On Taekwon-Do in New Zealand and Community Service - Ben Wylie-van Eerd The Laughing Policeman - Shaun Skedwell Taekwon-Do as a stress relief, coping strategy - Rodney Thistoll Taekwon Do, Me and the Thrill of a Challenge - Nikki Galpin The Pressures of Taekwon-Do - Ross Campbell Why People Join Taekwon-Do - Toni Moki Without order there is only chaos - Duncan Head 2013: Sleep - The most important part of training?


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