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I’d also have groups write a conclusion, because you obviously need one in an essay. A very, very small part of me does enjoy students’ look of doom when they figure out that they have to write someone else’s essay, but overall the most gratifying feeling is the look of relief on their faces when they walk out of seminar knowing that they can write a well-structured first draft in less than an hour.

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The takeaway here is that I’ve had to think hard about how to teach writing because the process of writing isn’t really one that I had to articulate before I had students.

Knowing that many of you are almost ready to collect first essay assignments, I thought I’d talk a bit today about how we teach writing to students. Explain what an essay’s introduction needs to do (set out the argument, introduce the reader to the sources, gesture at the essay’s counterargument). Ask each group to take one sheet of paper, and together as a group, write out the introductory paragraph to their essay. Ask groups to pause, and explain what topic sentences need to do.

What usually happens next in the five-paragraph essay introduction paragraph lesson is that students work on their introduction paragraphs while the classroom teacher walks around the room and observes their work.

She checks in with students who think they have completed a paragraph and points out the highlights and what they need to work on.

Emphasize that written work should be produced independently to avoid plagiarism, but that students can and should talk through ideas with peers, and ask people to proofread their work.

You should also suggest that it can sometimes be very helpful to step away from the laptop, pull out a piece of paper, and try to draft something the old-fashioned way.They explain why the student chose each of the sentences in his paragraph.This is how the lesson on five-paragraph essay introduction paragraphs usually begins.Using teacher strategies in special education is important when you are teaching struggling writers to write this paragraph.The best way to modify this lesson plan for special education students is to teach this over several days.It may be helpful to draw a rough sketch of what their paper should look like on the board. Ask groups to pause, and explain that together, the introduction and topic sentences should provide a road map that indicates what evidence students will use to write their essay.Ask each group to take their piece of paper with introduction and topic sentences, and pass it to the next group.When using teacher strategies in special education to teach this lesson, you'll need to write these paragraphs with a teacher-directed lesson.The special education teacher will have chart paper and write a paragraph along with her students.Students should read their essay, and discuss whether or not it came out the way that they expected. Wrap up the session by making several points: 1) That this exercise was difficult because students could not change the introduction or topic sentences as they wrote.Emphasize that while writing a real take-home essay, students can and should be constantly re-evaluating the argument as stated in their introduction, and the tie-ins to the argument that they’ve suggested in their topic sentences.


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