Technology In The 20th Century Essay

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Secondly, rehabilitation and cure to deadly illnesses will be less complicated, this is due to the constant research of the professionals like the medical team and scientists on the treatment like medicines, effective exercise, and healthy eating.Lastly, the percentage of deaths of the human beings will significantly decrease and therefore, the quality of life will enhance and chances of people to live longer will gradually rise.Hence, people all over the world can step foot to the different diversity of each country close to a blink of an eye.

Advancement in the things, which someone can use in their daily life, can be seen, for instance, gadgets and equipment, to make our work more reliable and accurate .

Apart from this ,exploration in the space related programs is also possible ,which will ultimately help the human to protect the mankind as well as earth as such discoveries will be helpful to explore more about the universe and they may be able to predict about the upcoming danger or helps us to prevent them.

Fifth, People would learn more about the outer space as the experiment and scientific research on outer space are going on more steadily than ever.

Sixth, the nuclear power would replace the traditional power sources and at the same time many countries would possess the nuclear power and that would always be a threat to the world.

As we have already stepped into the 21st century, it is inevitably true that enormous changes like advances in technology, heath care, and transportation will be visibly experienced.

This essay will highlight the beneficial growth in our health sector and transport system that is possible to be made available in the new generation.

In conclusion, there are several advantages that human beings will experience in the 21st century.

Through vigorous experiments and knowledge learnt from the previous generations, people may expect a more convenient life such as able to live a longer and healthier as well travelling will less financial worry.

To begin with, one must acknowledge that 21st century is a technologically advanced century.

Inventors are doing extremely tremendous research work to make the new inventions come into existence, which will ultimately lead to a sophisticated life for the human.


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