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The telepath group could also be seen as the intermediate stage between the people of Waknuk whose fear of the pat has led to primitive, non-developing society and the people of Sealand, who have progressed.The fourth and last stage, the butterfly, represents freedom, because it is able to fly, to see large areas from the sky, and is beautiful.

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They symbolize the people of Waknuk, who fear changes, resulting in their eventual death and extinction.

They live a confined life in belief of God, and fearing what He could do if they let “Deviations” grow and stay among their community.

The group, David, Rosalind and Petra in their escape to Sealand, are like insects leaving behind their crawling caterpillar, existence to emerge from their chrysalis as, beautiful, and free-flying butterflies.

The Chrysalids symbolizes the change in human nature, and human survival techniques.

The title of John Wyndham’s famous book, The Chrysalids, is somewhat mysterious and ambiguous.

The word chrysalid is derived from chrysalis, the stage which the larvae of moths and butterflies pass through before they become adults.

Often novels have many wonderful and exclusive themes.

These themes represent author's views on many different aspects.

It is a stage in which the insect appears dormant and unmoving, but changes are taking place inside which enable it to emerge from the chrysalis as a more advance form of life.

John Wyndham chose the title The Chrysalid because of the human life and survival many centuries after the all out nuclear war or “Tribulation” had occurred, which in many ways relates to the butterfly life-cycle.


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