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And so many women wrote about the most difficult things that had ever happened to them and received not much in return.Most sites paid a few hundred dollars for such pieces at most; xo Jane paid fifty dollars.

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Readers trust the series to provide authoritative texts enhanced by introductions and notes by distinguished scholars and contemporary authors, as well as up-to-date translations by award-winning translators. He manages to touch on many characters, settings, and themes in his work and the component parts all serve to ...

Apuleius' comedic romp is a gentle, breezy tale told through in the 3rd person P. Lucius Apuleius (2nd Century AD) was a North African fubulist who Latinized the Greek myths and legends.

By September, 2015, online first-person writing was so abundant that Laura Bennett, at Slate, could refer to a “first-person industrial complex” in a takedown of the genre.

“Every site seems to have a first person vertical and a first-person editor,” Bennett, who also cited Gould’s story as a turning point, wrote.

There were those that incited outrage by giving voice to horrible, uncharitable thoughts, like “My Former Friend’s Death Was a Blessing” (xo Jane again) and “I’m Not Going to Pretend I’m Poor to Be Accepted by You” (Thought Catalog).

Finally, there were those essays that directed outrage at society by describing incidents of sexism, abuse, or rape.

When I began writing on the Internet, I wrote personal essays for free.

For some writers, these essays led to better-paying work.

These essays began to proliferate several years ago—precisely when is hard to say, but we can, I think, date the beginning of the boom to 2008, the year that Emily Gould wrote a first-person cover story, called “Exposed,” for the , which was about, as the tagline put it, what she gained and lost from writing about her intimate life on the Web.

Blowback followed, and so did an endless supply of imitations.


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