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• Books: Generally, a good source for a Lit Review.Books tend to be less up-to-date as it takes longer for a book to be published than for a journal article.Below is a selection of resources that can help you to develop a better understanding of literary research, including the discourses of critical theory.

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Welcome to the Tisch Library guide to resources for the graduate study of literature in English.

Use the table of contents to find definitions, topic overviews, books, articles, and more that will help you with your research.

If you don't find what you are looking for or need help navigating this guide or any of the resources it contains, don't hesitate to contact the author of this guide or Ask a Librarian.

Want to learn more about the background and context of literary scholarship?

• indicates timely nature of one’s research, if applicable.

• suggests previously unused or underused methodologies, designs, quantitative, and qualitative strategies.Try searching for your topic in Jumbo Search, which simultaneously searches across all of the library's resources, including: books from the library catalog: journal articles in databases, online and in print; research guides on your topic; digital files from the Archives; and much, much more!There are a lot of great resources on the web where you can find information about English Literature as well as online primary texts (stories, poems, plays, and novels) and recordings of literature being read aloud. • helps the researcher avoid repetition of earlier research.• determines whether past studies agree or disagree; identifies controversy in the literature.“Non-scholarly” sources, i.e., those you don’t want to reference, include but are not limited to magazines, newspapers, web sites, and non-published material.The Lit Review does not have to be exhaustive; the objective is not to list as many relevant books, articles, and reports as possible.• tests assumptions; may help counter preconceived ideas and remove unconscious bias. The “literature” is the collection of books and journal articles, government documents, and other scholarly works you found to be relevant to your research topic.• Journal articles: An excellent source for a Lit Review.• Government/corporate reports: A good source for a Lit Review.Many government departments and corporations commission or carry out research.


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