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Stephen Chadwick The Euroscepticism that led to the result of the Brexit referendum is not new, but can actually be traced back hundreds of years. But in the Senate the provinces are represented, not the Autonomous Communities. While federalism and bicameralism are often considered a pair, the Belg... Matthias Niedobitek The German Basic Law constitutes federalism as a unique political system which is characterised by intertwined decision-making of the Federation (Bund) and the component units (Länder). It looks at the constitutional design of the second Chamber, examines the evolution of the Ständerat and critically assesses its cur... Esther Happacher Discussions regarding the functional design of second chambers in federal or quasi-federal systems seem to focus mainly on legislative functions. It spells out the main arguments of the theory and discusses the fiscal architecture of Nigerian federalism with a view to using the... Kamil Ławniczak The Council is a crucial intergovernmental institution of the European Union.

This article explores Euroscepticism by comparing the modern EU with the Europea... Werner Reutter In this paper, I examine the degree and causes of judicial activism in a German subnational constitutional court. On the one hand, I explore whether and to what extent... Thus, extra- or non-legislative functions related to the executi... However, the complex, opaque and consensual character of the decision-making process in the Council puts its legitimacy into questio... Jacek Czaputowicz and Marcin Kleinowski The Treaty of Lisbon introduced a new system of weighted votes in the Council, which radically departs from the principles on which the distribution of votes between the Member States of the EU was based for mo... Mariana Pinto Ramos The European Social Dialogue, and its output, the European collective agreements, are intended to implement minimum standards of working conditions that bind all Member-States, in a logic of legal harmonisation... Juliana Almeida and Guilherme Oliveira e Costa For the last forty years, the European Union has been pursuing the goal of a unified system of patent law, which would make it possible for an invention to be protected, by EU law, throughout the territory of t... Sérgio Coimbra Henriques The Council is a crucial intergovernmental institution of the European Union.

This proposal to decentralize power and resources proves that Mr.

Reagan can be as bold in office as he was on the campaign trail.

Wholly unelected, with most members appointed for life, it appears a vestige of the ‘elite’ form of bicamerali... Alberto López-Basaguren The Spanish Constitution defines the Senate as 'Chamber of territorial representation'. Patricia Popelier Belgium was established in 1830 as a unitary state with a bicameral parliament, with symmetrical powers for the upper and the lower house. Peter Bußjäger According to many legal and political scientists the Austrian Bundesrat is generally considered to be a paradigmatic example of a politically and legally weak second chamber embedded in a strongly centralised f... Eva Maria Belser This paper presents the Swiss Ständerat as a model of perfect bicameralism. federalism particularly since the late1960s has evolved over the course of pluralism alternating exercisable governmental powers between the federal and state governments. First, the paper will examine the legislative functions of the second chambers of... Giuseppe Martinico This article briefly explores the reasons why the Committee of the Regions (Co R) has only partially accomplished its representative function. However, many of these patterns (among which tetracameralism, tricameralism, ... Giacomo Delledonne The aim of this contribution is to make some points on the distinction between ‘perfect’ (or equal) and ‘imperfect’ (or unequal) bicameralism and its relevance to contemporary discussions about second c... Erika Arban In a global context where popular referenda are increasingly used to decide contested issues, this paper aims at exploring the framework in which, in October 2017, two referenda took place in the Italian northe... John Boye Ejobowah This paper evaluates the second-generation theory (SGT) of fiscal federalism.

In the context of the Union’s current rule of law crisi... Ian Cooper In 2017, a new Joint Parliamentary Scrutiny Group (JPSG) was created to enable members of the national parliaments of the EU and the European Parliament to exercise joint oversight of the EU agency for police c... Valentin Kreilinger The provision of Article 13 TSCG to create an Interparliamentary Conference was the starting point for long discussions after which national parliaments and the European Parliament eventually reached a compromi... Kolja Raube and Daan Fonck This contribution proposes a framework of transnational parliamentarism to study inter-parliamentary cooperation, and applies it to the interparliamentary conference on CFSP/CSDP. Nevertheless, their role in inter-parliamentary coopera... Following more or less lengthy negotiations between national and European parli... Meg Russell The House of Lords is the world’s longest-established and probably best-known second chamber. Anna Gamper Legislative functions of federal second chambers are not a homogeneous set of powers, but require comparison and classification. At the same time, second chambers serve as a safeguard protecting self-rule of decentralised governments a... Paolo Passaglia An analysis of the structure of parliaments in European countries shows that a wide range of options developed across the centuries.(That was understandable; we once labeled a Nixon proposal the '' New Economic Plan,'' only to learn that had been the name of a scheme by Lenin.) However, briefers and broadcasters have been using the '' New Federalism'' tag to describe the bold Reagan idea. Thirteen years ago, we used it to mean the consolidation of specific ''categorical'' grants into broader ''bloc'' grants, giving states and localities more leeway in the spending of Federal monies; going further, the Nixon men started ''revenue sharing,'' the earmarking of a part of the Federal budget for state and local use with few strings attached.Back then, the notion was to have the Federal Government do what it does best (levy taxes) and to have state and local governments do what they do best (administer local spending).Much cheaper & more effective than TES or the Guardian.Reach the audience you really want to apply for your teaching vacancy by posting directly to our website and related social media audiences.However, the complex, opaque and consensual character of the decision-making process in the Council puts its legitimacy into questio... Rui Tavares Lanceiro This paper explores the similarities between the EU’s system of administrative implementation of its legislative acts, and the German and American systems of administrative implementation of their respective ... Matteo Bonelli The EU has not yet found effective answers to constitutional crises in its Member States, in particular Hungary and Poland. Tommaso Visone In recent political debate, the association between national souverainisme and Euroscepticism is considered a natural one. Francisco Pereira Coutinho The international bailout granted to Portugal between 20 was conditional on the adoption by the Portuguese State of austerity measures included in a memorandum of understanding (Mo U) signed by the ... Jennifer Grant Progressive ideology has slowly eroded American principles for over a century, declaring social control its ultimate goal. Kalu and Dov Bing While most students of federalism feel satisfied with defining it as involving self-rule and shared rule, there is an inherent laxity in that definition because several institutional forms have dual components ... Werner Reutter Constitutional politics seemingly corroborate the assumption that Germany is a Grand Coalition state.Due to systemic problems of compliance with the common values of Art. From Marine Le Pen to Matteo Salvini, there is a unanimous affirmation of the necessity... Samo Bardutzky This article is inspired by the 2017 discussions on the future of Europe (in particular some of the ideas debated in the White Paper on the Future of Europe, published by the European Commission) and the events... Valentina Rita Scotti After a discussion of the impact of the principle of equality, entrenched in the Charters approved in Canada since the 1867 British North American Act, this essay then focuses on the related Supreme Court’s a... Charlotte Helen Skeet The Canadian constitution is to some extent characterised by its focus on equality, and in particular gender equality. Davide Strazzari The paper focuses on Canadian Provinces’ role in migrant selection. Fabio Giglioni The EBU represents a clear investment in administrative integration with clear implications for the constitutional features of the EU. Nicole Scicluna The robustness of the EU’s constitutional framework – and its ability to accommodate democratic politics – is challenged as never before. Tommaso Visone The difference between ASEAN and EU in the political and economic realm has an interesting parallel in the system of values and “rights” that are sustained by the two organisations. Social control is not possible while American principles, such as individual freedoms a... In this perspective German cooperative federalism and the supermajority required for any amendment to the co... Giovanni Boggero This paper aims to provide a brief assessment of the legal framework of the newly established metropolitan cities in the Italian domestic legal order. Arianna Vettorel The current financial problems of some Euro-area Member States have been tackled by ad hoc financial institutions, formed outside of the EU as international institutions and aimed at granting financial assistan... Matteo De Nes This note analyses a peculiar feature of the ESM, namely the lack of an acceptable set of standards for the fundamental democratic principle of transparency.Join 1000s of fellow Politics teachers and students all getting the tutor2u Politics team's latest resources and support delivered fresh in their inbox every morning.You can also follow @tutor2u Politics on Twitter, subscribe to our You Tube channel, or join our popular Facebook Groups.This is a digitized version of an article from The Times’s print archive, before the start of online publication in 1996.To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them.'' After a third of a century of power flowing from the people and the states to Washington,'' said the President, ''it is time for a New Federalism in which power, funds and responsibility will flow from Washington to the states and to the people.'' The speaker on August 8, l969, was Richard Nixon; the coiner of the phrase, '' New Federalism,'' was my colleague in speechwriting, Patrick Buchanan.


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