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Prince Theseus fulfilled his end of the bargain by taking Princess Ariadne with him.

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In his rush to leave her behind, he left the black sails flying on his ship, instead of the white sails that would have signaled his victory over the Minotaur.

When King Aegeus saw Theseus's ship flying black sails, he thought his son had been killed.

Later, Prince Theseus received a letter from Princess Ariadne in which she asks the prince to take her with him in exchange for help in killing the monster.

Theseus was interested - anything to help him defeat the Minotaur.

Prince Theseus - the king of Athens' son - knew that 'your word is your bond,' but he did not want to see fourteen children be eaten by a monster.

His solution was to go to the island of Crete as one of the fourteen in order to battle the fierce Minotaur.

However, when Ariadne broached the idea of marriage, Theseus was less than pleased because he did not find her attractive.

So, when his ship docked on an island, Theseus sent Ariadne off to gather supplies and then left her on the island.

The deal offered to King Minos went like this: If King Minos left Athens alone for nine years, the king of Athens would send fourteen tasty snacks - in the form of children - to King Minos and his pet monster, the Minotaur, which had the head of a bull and the body of a man.

King Minos agreed to the deal and surprisingly stuck to it.


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