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NSCAW investigations revealed that at some point during the three years following an investigation on maltreatment and abuse, 28 percent of children faced some chronic health diseases.

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The thesis should be clear, well-structured, and logically built.

In present times, the child abuse continues to be among the problems that require the particular consideration.

The child abuse is defined by the federal legislation as any action or failure to act on the part of the parents or caregivers that cause the severe mental harm, sexual exploitation or abuse, or even death; child abuse also presents an imminent risk of suffering.

In order to avoid child abuse, one has to understand the risks that may cause it or, in other words, its vulnerability.

Thus, vulnerability to the child abuse, whether sexual, psychological or physical, depends partially on the sex and age of the child.

Nevertheless, the children of any age are at risk of the physical abuse, especially the young ones.

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