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Students are expected to write an articulate proposal outlining…

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Artist as Researcher asks students to uncover what motivates an art practice and to pay careful attention to…

Malleable Narratives asks students to consider how narratives function in and as works of art. Launch Photo Gallery Virtual Space & Motion builds on the 3D modeling skills developed in ART 2230 Virtual Space, bringing virtual elements into a context outside of Maya.

Launch Photo Gallery In the foundation drawing studio, students learn the principles of observational and conceptual visualization.

Projects offer practice in still-life, landscape, and human figure drawing while placing emphasis on graphic exploration and analysis using line,…

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The Digital Color Photography II course provides in-depth learning of the software used for digital photography post-production, specifically to process, color correct, and create composite photographic images. Launch Photo Gallery The Special Topics in Photography: Social Media course examines how social media has impacted photographic practice.

Launch Photo Gallery The Three-Dimensional Design studio introduces students to the fundamentals of object making in form and space.

Students learn to use a variety of materials—such as paper, wood, plaster, and found objects—to engage in projects…

Students study other photographers working in this manner and work on their own projects…

Launch Photo Gallery In the advanced photography course, students are introduced to advanced practices in black-and-white darkroom photography.


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