Thesis Statement On The Story The Lottery

Thesis Statement On The Story The Lottery-36
Homer quickly threw the book into the fireplace when he realized that the book could not tell him how to win the lottery, that it was a book about time old traditions, barbaric, but apologizing for being late by saying, "Wouldn't have me leave m'dishes in the sink, now would you. " (476) help us to establish Tessie's status in this society. That Tessie's rebellion is entirely unconscious is revealed by her cry while being stoned, "It isn't fair" (480).

Darwin’s idea of adaptive changes applied to the short story “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson.

In the story, the small town kept holding the lottery, while other towns refused to continue the lottery.

First of all, this tradition has been slowly peeled away for centuries.

The actual modern ceremony was obviously more somber, with no one making light jokes and friendly conversation..

The low intelligence level in this village also explains why ridiculous ceremonies like this can be carried out.

The women are dressed very old fashioned, all with their dresses and aprons, following their "menfolk".

The are described as gossiping as they would on any other day, although this is definitely not any other day.

(273) The author has created a setting that portrays something exciting and something to be eagerly anticipated.

In most cases the answer would be ‘yes’ and in some ‘no’.

Many individuals try and succeed but many fail just like the main character Tessie Hutchinson in Shirley Jackson’s short story “The Lottery”.


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