Thesis Statement On Toni Morrison

Thesis Statement On Toni Morrison-37
African American literature has undergone a long and thorny path from the pre-colonial period to the present day and has been significantly influenced by socio-historical development and technological progress. It is a person with all virtues and disabilities, traditions and future orientation.

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Writing about the life of black slaves and ex-slaves in the era of the Civil War and early Reconstruction, and locating her story in a Border States setting—southern Ohio and northern Kentucky, along the Ohio River, near Cincinnati—Toni Morrison taps into a deep, central vein of our national experience and shame.”Morrison attended Howard University, where she began writing what would become her first novel, , and obtained a master’s degree from Cornell University, where she wrote her senior thesis on “Virginia Woolf’s and William Faulkner’s Treatment of the Alienated.”In addition to her writing, Morrison, born Chloe Ardelia Wofford in Lorain, Ohio, also served an editor at Random House in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, where she worked with authors such as Toni Cade Bambara, Nettie P. According to , “Before the late sixties, there was no real Black Studies curriculum in the academy—let alone a post-colonial-studies program or a feminist one. It was by the time I was writing , the third book, that I began to think that this was the central part of my life. There was nobody else—no real buying, negotiating editor in trade who was also publishing her own novels,” said Morrison.

As an editor and author, Morrison, backed by the institutional power of Random House, provided the material for those discussions to begin.” Morrison also compiled in a 1993 interview that she didn’t realize her gift was to be a writer until “very late,” elaborating, “I always thought I was probably adept, because people used to say so, but their criteria might not have been mine. Not to say that other women haven’t said it all along, but for a woman to say, I am a writer, is difficult.” She deliberately didn’t tell her coworkers she was a writer, suspecting that she might get fired.

We can not judge from her words about what is the truth, and what is not.

What is most remarkable is that the reader can not understand until the end of the story which of the girls is white, and which is an African-American. Can we talk about the classical racial discrimination that occurs towards black people, or should we talk about the prejudices of one person against another in general?

Were they cruel from birth or did this life in the orphanage make them so? This name symbolizes the flow of time; girls meet after certain time intervals.

This allows the reader to learn about how their life develops and how their views change over a certain period of time.

These urgent topics brought the international recognition of the writer. This is the story of two eight-year-old girls who meet in a shelter for children who do not have parents. They did not like each other at first sight, but they had no choice but to stick together.

It is possible to speculate about the fate of their parents.

This story is not about friendship, and not even about racial struggle, although there are the main elements of the story, it is a story about the life path, about universal values, about the understanding of the right and wrong, about which no one could tell the girls.

The story goes on for many years when Twyla and Roberta meet again.


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