Tools For Revising A Research Paper

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Try the frenetic energy of the local café for inspiration.Or for a quieter space, go back to the library and find a corner.Those Bambi spinoff stories by schoolchildren about the park’s deer population were cute but they just don't fit.

Try the frenetic energy of the local café for inspiration.Or for a quieter space, go back to the library and find a corner.

By this time you’ve become an expert of sorts on your chosen topic.

The more research you’ve done, the easier it will be to write.

Maybe it’s pm and that paper is due at am tomorrow morning, so you face a night romancing the coffee pot and pounding on your computer keyboard.

Whatever the case, this exercise below can help you organize your thoughts you write.

Overall, your best stuff is in the history pile, the water issues pile, and the public uses pile.

We know that you're passionate about the secret life of squirrels and wildlife biology but you don't have enough information.If you have a little more time though, allow yourself to focus your energies at the times when you will be the most efficient. Brew a fresh cup of coffee and listen to the first chirp of the birds as you sit down to write your paper.Or perhaps you would feel more comfortable later in the day, after you’ve had time for other responsibilities. Return to Top of Page Maybe you’re very diligent and it’s two weeks before your deadline.You are about to give birth to the best environmental history paper ever written. You will think it is the most beautiful creature in the world even though it is all red and wrinkly and makes strange noises. You have all of your lofty ideas, solid evidence to support your arguments, and even illustrations, but you sit down at your desk and find you can’t get past your name and date. I would stand and look out over the roofs of Paris and think, ‘Do not worry.But you’re going to have to chop off its toes, maybe even its head, and you might have to throw it out the window altogether. You have always written before and you will write now. Write the truest sentence that you know.’” Because so many people find writing difficult, they tend to avoid it as long as possible, finishing just before the deadline and not taking the care required for quality revisions.Your original outline has these main points: Your note card pile on park history is the tallest, full of information on who designed the park, how the land had to be altered to build it, etc.Your pile on park wildlife is a bit anemic, although you did find a cute story online about how children at a local elementary school wrote short stories about the park's deer population.If you start early enough, you will have time to go through the process several times before you have to turn it in, and you will have a perfectly polished final draft. People always procrastinate, and more than likely, your paper is due in less than a week.But even if your paper is due in a few hours, making the effort to draft and revise your work with care and consideration will make all the difference!The writing ends up dry and wordy, replete with spelling errors and comma splices, barely held together with an argument that wanders.These errors distract the reader and discredit the writer. You can avoid falling into this trap by starting early, getting organized, and getting busy with writing, revising, and editing.


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