Trauma Dissertations

Trauma Dissertations-31
Interpreting Studies has seen an increase in research in mental health, but many questions have yet to be explored.

Landis PDF Cinematherapy with Preadolescents Experiencing Parental Divorce: A Collective Case Study, Emily Marsick PDF A Program Evaluation Research Study on the Implementation of the Mentors in Violence Prevention Program in a Public High School: A Dissertation, Nancy G.

Beardall PDF Exile, Identity, and Artistic Creation: An Arts Based Phenomenological Study with Immigrant Women: A Dissertation, Vera Heller PDF Non-Artist' Meeting With Clay: Doing and Reflecting, Tamar Bar-On PDF Is This a Mirror I See Before Me?

PDF The Dance of Becoming: Pedagogy in Dance/Movement Therapy in the US, Valerie Blanc PDF Experiences of Single-Session Improvisational Group Music Therapy: Therapist and Patient Reflections from Inpatient Psychiatry, Yu-Ying Chen PDF Experiences of Single-Session Improvisational Group Music Therapy: Therapist and Patient Reflections from Inpatient Psychiatry, Yu-Ying Chen PDF Meeting Point: Partner Dancing as Couple's Therapy, Rami Eckhaus PDF An Exploration of the Experience of Adults with Learning Disabilities Through Art, Adi Greenboim-Zimchoni PDF Pieces of Place: Finding Meaning through the Material and Process of Artisanal Craft in Central Mexico, Eliza S.

Homer PDF Painting Intimacy: Art-Based Research of Intimacy, Michal Lev PDF Art Therapists’ Perceptions of What Happens When They Create Art Alongside Their Clients in the Practice Of Group Therapy, Laura Teoli PDF Social Identity and the Music Making Choices of Black/African American Youth from Limited Resource Communities, Natasha A.

Reagan PDF Making Personal Public Service Announcements with Adopted Young Women from Foster Care: A Narrative Inquiry, Myriam Dominique Savage PDF Asian Dance/Movement Therapy Educators’ Experiences of Teaching Dance/Movement Therapy in East Asia after Training in the US, Ko Kyung Soon PDF The Use of Therapeutic Group Drumming with Korean Middle School Students in School Violence Prevention Programs, Eun Sil Suh PDF Rocky Mountain Alba Emoting Training for Creative Arts Therapists, Brant P.

Wadsworth PDF Digital Media Use in Art Therapy, Natalie Rae Carlton PDF The Bridge Drawing with Path Art-Based Assessment: Measuring Meaningful Life Pathways in Higher Education Students, Olena Darewych PDF Music Therapy as an Intermodal Practice: Clients and Therapists Perspectives, Daniel Hyams PDF Singing an Imaginal Dialogue: A Study of a Bereavement-Specific Music Therapy Intervention, Yasmine A.This theoretical lens allows me to adopt a stance rooted within Deanna Fassett and John T. Throughout the dissertation, I argue that depictions of graphic sexual violence in the classroom can cause both educators and students to experience a “second assault.” “Second assaults” occur when exposure to classroom content results in triggering a PTSD response within the individual.The project culminates with a guide of pedagogical options aimed at rupturing the presence of rape culture, while allowing for discussion of sexual violence within the classroom.They are well-researched, and sometimes Open Access.They have the advantage over journal articles in that they do not tend to only publish positive results.It was one of the first to train professionals in this field.More than 40 years later, the program continues to push the boundaries of expressive therapies knowledge and training.Also in collaboration with labs from the Basic Sciences there are non-physician scientists who are collaborating on Basic Research fields related to Musculoskeletal System Pathology.Dissertations can be a great resource for any project.It also demonstrates that some participants in these encounters already have a basic awareness of how trauma affects language.This study concludes that interpreters’ renditions of these narratives can have diagnostic value in this setting.


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