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Now stricken with ALS, Morrie does not have much time left, and Mitch recognizes this fact.He travels from Michigan to Massachusetts to meet with him.Morrie discussed his philosophies on life with Mitch and encouraged him to do the same.

This meeting goes well and affects Mitch and Morrie so much that they meet for the next fourteen consecutive Tuesdays, up until Morrie passes away.

During each of these meetings, they discuss a different topic about life.

What reasons does Morrie give for rejecting the mores prescribed by the popular culture.

How has he created his own culture, and what values does it consist of?

I then asked myself if I would learn anything by writing a summary. The first was that, of course, I would learn how to write yet another book report.

The second was that I would not benefit at all from simply summarizing the memoir.Mitch’s life was greatly impacted by the wisdom that Morrie shared with him. It was taught from experience.” Morrie Schwartz saw life as a reason to learn, to teach, and to experience.As a result, he knew where his life was headed and he said good-bye to his old friend believing that the future held great opportunities for a meaningful life. He reveled in the excitement of being able to share his ideas with someone.It makes the reader think about their own life and ponder aging, forgiveness, family, compassion, and mentors in life, just as Mitch Albom does during the course of the book. We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your visiting.How does Morrie rationalize his thoughts that aging is growth, and not decay, as most people see it? What does Morrie see in Koppel that others fail to?Who inspired Morrie's passion for books and education? Why did he decide to become a professor of sociology?I came to the conclusion that by focusing my paper on that which Morrie so eloquently taught the reader, both me and my teacher would gain insight and understanding about living life to it’s fullest.Morrie’s message was, in short, not to become preoccupied with death and dying, but to live the life that you still have left in a meaningful and rewarding way.When my parents first told me that it would be a good idea for me to read Tuesdays With Morrie, my perception of the memoir was that it was an account of an old man dying.This did not seem, to me, to be the most interesting topic to read about.


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