Types Of Problem Solving Techniques

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If there are many solutions, using heuristics to reduce the possible solutions to a more manageable number can allow trial-and-error techniques to work quite well.

Insight is often used to solve problems, but the underlying mental processes that occur are unknown.

Here is a list of some of the best solution techniques.

These methods are generic strategies for problem solving, that could be applied to solving any problem in business, personal life, or any kind of technical problem.

The success of a solution also lies in its clinical execution.

Even if you have a solution, you need to have the gumption to execute it and stand by its soundness, for it to work.

There are various approaches to solve a problem and people have spent years in developing systems of thought, to which problems may easily yield.

Yet, there is always a new problem around the corner that defies a solution to any kind of established thought.

Many times, what is needed is an optimized solution, which represents the shortest path to overcome the difficulty, with economy of resources.

To find a solution, using specific techniques, what's most important is defining the problem clearly.


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