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In other words, descriptive research mainly deals with the “description of the state of affairs as it is at present”[4], and there is no control over variables in descriptive research.

Analytical research, on the other hand, is fundamentally different in a way that “the researcher has to use facts or information already available and analyse these in order to make a critical evaluation of the material”.[5] According to the purpose of the study, types of research methods can be divided into two categories: applied research and fundamental research.

This characteristic may also mean that an incident does not take place often enough to allow reliable data to be collected”[3] Types of the research methods according to the nature of research can be divided into two groups: descriptive and analytical.

Descriptive research usually involves surveys and studies that aim to identify the facts.

(2008) “Research Methodology” APH Publishing Corporation [5] Kumar, R.

(2008) “Research Methodology” APH Publishing Corporation [6] Table adapted from Kumar, R.We publish research to share new findings and increase our understanding of various subject matters.As we discussed in a prior post, when editors select an article to publish, one of the key factors they consider is your methodology.Generally speaking, however, you should have sections that roughly correspond to the following: The following is a table summarizing some of the factors you may want to consider while drafting or revising your Methods section.We have organized the table based on the four general headings listed above.(2008) “Research Methodology” APH Publishing Corporation [7] Bajpai, N.(2011) “Business Research Methods” Pearson Education India [8] Chawla, D. Table below illustrates the main differences between exploratory and conclusive research designs: John Dudovskiy [1] Bajpai, N.(2011) “Business Research Methods” Pearson Education India [2] Herbst, F. (2004) Business Research, Juta and Co Ltd, p.15 [3] Herbst, F. (2004) Business Research, Juta and Co Ltd, p.13 [4] Kumar, R.Quantitative research “describes, infers, and resolves problems using numbers.Emphasis is placed on the collection of numerical data, the summary of those data and the drawing of inferences from the data”[2].


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