Uc College Application Essay Prompt 2013

Uc College Application Essay Prompt 2013-13
Writing college admissions essay questions 2013 writing college admissions. For example, many students can't see beyond the superficial prompt to construct.

All students offered admission to UCSC are held to earning grades of C or higher (or the equivalent) in their senior-year courses or their admission will be cancelled.

Did you admit any out-of-state or international students? UCSC offered a number of denied freshmen the opportunity to be considered on a waitlist.

The following 14 faculty-approved criteria are taken into consideration, although no fixed weight or fixed points are awarded for any of the criteria. Since we are a selective campus, the majority of our denied freshmen met UC’s minimum qualifications. We employ a faculty-approved comprehensive review of the freshman applicants.

Our selection guide is online if you'd like to review the different factors that we take into consideration.

How did you select students to be offered the waitlist option?

These students were well-qualified (as determined by our comprehensive review), but given campus enrollment constraints, could not be offered admission.

Every application has already been thoroughly reviewed using our selection process.

Although few (if any) appeals will likely be granted due to enrollment constraints, students who choose to appeal should follow the procedure listed on the UCSC Admissions Appeal Information page.

If I was not selected for admission, may I appeal the decision?

UC Santa Cruz does not set aside space in our class for students who appeal admissions decisions.


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