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If you do write in full sentences, be sure to use your own words, not those in the original text.Of course, this doesn’t apply to discipline specific or technical terms which must be used as they appear in the original source.As you make notes, include brief comments on their relevance to the assignment.

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However, after taking notes, compare your notes to the original text to make sure you have retained the original meaning. This will save you time later if you need to double-check information or need a quote.

Some referencing styles require page numbers for paraphrasing as well, so it is important to have them available.

Here, then, is some advice that will help you incorporate quotations into your writing in a way that will give both the sizzle you want. Some kind of information about the quotation is needed.

Name the author, give his or her credentials, name the source, give a summary. Do not quote someone and then leave the words hanging as if they were self explanatory.

The tutorial will cover: Rewording some technical terms or specialised vocabulary (e.g.

direct instruction and liquid chromatography in the following examples) might not be easily possible because replacing them with similar words can alter the original meaning or not communicate the same meaning.Always check spelling, dates, numerical values, etc.Not looking at the original text while making notes will assist you to take notes in your own words and avoid plagiarism.They are not substitutes for your ideas and they do not stand by themselves. See the link at the bottom of this page, "How to cite this page," for more information.It is often useful to apply some interpretive phrasing after a quotation, to show the reader that the you are explaining the quotation and that it supports your argument: Note that the particular verb you choose helps orient your reader toward your opinion of the statement. At the beginning of many of the Holmes stories, Doyle takes care to capture the reader's interest by proclaiming that the story just getting under way is an especially noteworthy or remarkable one.Care is needed when incorporating the work of others into your assignments to avoid plagiarism.The techniques that will assist you to achieve this are: paraphrasing, summarising and quoting combined with correct referencing.Be careful to clearly distinguish your ideas from those of the author. Increasing the emotional engagement of first year mature-aged distance students: Interest and belonging.Essay Question It is generally agreed that homelessness is increasing in Australia, but there is yet no commonly accepted definition. Identifying eating occasion based opportunities to improve the overall diets of Australian adolescents, Nutrients, 9(6), 608. The International Journal of The First Year In Higher Education, 5(2), 5-55.Use dot points, symbols, diagrams, and other graphic representations.This way you will naturally use your own words when writing the assignment.


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