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The slogan & # 8220 ; Community, Identity, Stability & # 8221 ; frames the Utopian societal construction.In Huxley s & # 8220 ; community & # 8221 ; each grade has its intent in the society, from the Alphas who serve as intellectuals to the common Epsilons who function as the pure humble labourers.

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In many instances the birth of a kid is a memorable and joyous event for the adult female.

In Utopia, nevertheless, if a adult female is caught bearing progeny, she will be punished by expatriate.

This dehumanizes the members in the society which in the end is a greater loss than the gain.

Huxley shows how conformity and organization is not worth the sacrifice of unique identity, and harmony through the examples of the novels child conditioning, and public ceremonies.

& # 8230 ; eight-month-old babes, all precisely likewise ( a Bokanovsky group, it was apparent ) and all ( since their caste was Delta ) dressed in khaki. This really seeable reduplication of one s position serves to farther status the grades to non-interaction, something that modern society conceives of as a atavist to unenlightened times.

Beneath them lay the edifices of the Golf Club-the immense Lower Caste barracks and, on the other side of a spliting wall, the smaller houses reserved for Alpha and Beta members.

( 73 ) Indeed our public instruction system is a testimonial to a more enlightened position of society.

Free instruction is the agencies by which people of changing backgrounds and position intermingle.

Offspring non produced the society s manner is a menace to the society s being, in the eyes of the leaders.

As today, gestation, in Utopia, could be prevented utilizing a assortment of methods.


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