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Postscript 20 August 2014 From these FOI emails, and discussions with academics who have fact-checked this article and explained 'the way Desley works', Jackson has concluded that Luscombe ignited the beliefs and conversations among other professors who directly persuaded RMIT's Chancellery to refute its own evidence and formally state that the Snelling thesis, and its author, have no academic merit.

In 2013, Jackson's Australian Ph D failure was ignored by assessors at the British Academy of Social Sciences and Humanities, who approved her 'post-Ph D' credentials to win a UK 'Exceptional Talent' visa until 2016.

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Two senior research leaders at the University of Technology, Sydney, have emerged as persuasive figures in RMIT's late 2000s processes of sabotaging its scholarship Ph D thesis on Douglas Snelling, written by Davina Jackson (author of this blog).

RMIT's own-goal decisions wasted its ,000 (approx) in scholarship funds and cost it the ,000 subsidy that Australia's Department of Industry, Innovation, Science and Research would have paid for Jackson's successful Ph D 'research training'.To find a thesis from another university, type in author surname and/or keywords into the Library Catalogue, plus the additional keyword "thesis".You should also type in the university name if you know it.Luscombe gained her Ph D for analysing cultural meanings in the frontispieces (title page drawings) of five classic Italian Renaissance architectural books – positioning her as one of Australia's small clique of post-modern architectural 'historiography' (theories from historical literature) scholars. Other members of this SAHANZ-affiliated clique, Dr Andrew Leach (Griffith/UQ) and Dr Christine Mc Carthy (VU, Wellington) were the two (of three) examiners who failed Jackson's history thesis for its lack of theoretical analysis of 'contextural literature'.The examiner who passed Jackson's thesis as an original historical research project, Professor Peter Mc Neil, now works closely with Luscombe as her Associate Dean of Research.Some of Luscombe's emails indicate this view was being circulated around members of the Australian Deans of Built Environment and Design (ADBED), effectively cancelling Jackson's potentials to work with any Australian architecture faculty.In 2010, Jackson's failed Snelling thesis was the subject of an RMIT appeals process, supported by Blythe after belatedly agreeing with Jackson's claims of a 'hatchet job'.These were interpreted in an internal email from UTS' Deputy Vice Chancellor Research, Professor Sue Rowley (now retired), as meaning 'Desley thinks she (Jackson) is flakey' (February 2009).Emails also show that Luscombe instructed her faculty's staff professors and lecturers to avoid collaborating with Jackson.Hello, I'm at the final stages of my Ph D and have been drivected to up laod the Ph D thesis to the Libaray website. Type the author's surname, and/or one or two keywords describing it, into the Library Catalogue.


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