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In addition to required classes, graduate students can audit classes from the various diverse offerings in our undergraduate college, including film, animation, fine arts and humanities.In the second year, students are encouraged to choose their thesis advisors according to their interests.Our advisors, past and present, are as diverse as they are celebrated in their fields.We believe this program is as unique as it is revolutionary. Whether the work is tightly rendered, loose, more or less expressive or Photoshopped, we help you to achieve personal content in your work—to tell your story as only you can.It redefines how figurative artists see their work and how that art finds its way into the world of commerce—fine art, illustration and publication. When your “style” is personal content, the images you make can only be original.Having learnt the role of visual aids in creating a presentation impact, it is important to learn that there are certain rules of using visual aids and not letting them become visual distractions instead.Projectors used in presentations must be placed at a height that is comfortable to you as well the listener, the lens must be free of dust and while presenting, the full view screen should be available to the participants.Join us this fall to explore graduate study at SVA!These opportunities are specifically for individuals that are in progress or have already earned a Bachelor’s degree and are interested in MFA, MPS, MAT and MA degrees.Assuming that you are using the default settings of Microsoft power point to create slides and some heavily bulleted text is what your all slides comprise of and with just one or two images throughout, the presentation is more likely to be boring and tiresome.If this presentation was for a scientific research or purpose, then using an Assertion-Evidence slide would be a better approach.


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