War Brings Out The Best And Worst In Humanity Essay

More than 1,500 people were drowned, because there was insufficient lifeboat space.First-class passengers had lifeboat priority; some voluntarily relinquished their seats to women sailing in the second class. Self- preservation is the strongest natural impulse of all.

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Some would disagree, but they are those who have never seen a disaster such as a famine.

If my children were crying for food and I had the chance to steal a bag of flour to make bread for them, I think I would steal the flour.

The old Latin tag "amor vincit omnia", love conquers all things, is most to our reaction to disaster.

The Second World War gave me a vivid example of two contrasting reactions to the same event.

Even more important than training is love, the kind which puts others first and helps us to forget self.

This is relatively easy where our nearest and dearest are concerned, more difficult and perhaps more admirable where the others concerned have no emotional claim on us.

The house of a neighbor received a direct hit from a bomb which killed one of the daughters of the family. Most people would have shaken their fist at the skies over Coventry which were still full of German dive-bombers.

Instead, he fell on his knees and prayed for the souls of the German pilots.

In the latter case, genetic history alone may govern our actions, but in most cases, people are poised between good and bad.

It is then that external conditioning will in one direction or the other.


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