Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal Test

There is a shorter version which is 40 questions to be completed within 30 minutes, and a longer version which is 80 questions to be completed within 60 minutes.

Critical thinking is used in problem-solving and making decisions.

Critical thinking skills are especially important for lawyers who are required to evaluate evidence before coming to a conclusion.

Each section evaluates a different arena within critical thinking.

The test is all multiple-choice questions and it is given online.

The Watson-Glaser test is aimed to assesses the potential candidate’s critical thinking skills.

Critical thinking is an integral skill for most companies.Everyone who has been diagnosed with sleep apnea has fought a personal battle owing to the disease.For example, Vicki suffered from depression and lost her job, while Bill felt a strain on his marriage. ■ Conclusion Follows ■ Conclusion Does Not Follow The correct answer is “Conclusion Follows”.All Real Estate assets are either very large or located in central areas but not both.While no apartment is without air-conditioning, all air-conditioned RE assets are very large.When solving a problem, you are required to identify the problem, parse out relevant information, identify assumptions, figure out a solution and reach a conclusion.The Watson Glaser test is designed to assess these skills The test is comprised of five sections: inferences, deductions, interpretations, and evaluation of arguments.Real-estate assets = A, very large = B, located in a central area = C, apartment = D, air conditioning = E.According to the premises, (A - The interpretation section will give you short passages to read.An assumption is a statement that is accepted as true without proof.In the event of a warmer planet due to global warming, we will need to develop a drought-resistant species of grass.


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