Ways To Improve Critical Thinking Skills

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Critical thinking is a hugely valuable skill to develop.No matter where you are on life’s journey, the ability to reason and apply logic is essential.

Studies, for example, allows you to make notes on cards and include information in the form of images and videos, allowing you to gather supporting evidence onto same card as the main idea.

Ulysses is primarily a tool for writing but you can use it to take notes and by gathering separate notes together in a project you can build an argument.

By using an outlining app like Cloud Outliner, you can note down key points and then hierarchically add supporting ideas.

Cloud Outliner allows you to create, edit, and store visual outlines.

Essentially, it's the ability to think rationally and clearly and apply reason. A critical thinker reads something and asks themselves where the information came from, who benefits from its publication, and whether the ideas contained in it make sense.

Critical thinking is an important skill to develop and practice. To developing critical thinking skills, it’s important to make notes, particularly if you’re listening to a lecture or watching a presentation.You can tag notes and filter them so that you see all the notes associated with a topic or idea together.And you can use colour-coding to help organize them.You can take screenshots from within the app and use it to organize them, making it a great research tool.Tag images and the filter using those tags, so you can see images that form arguments or ideas next to each other.If you prefer to work with images and graphical notes rather than text — and remember critical thinking is all about making connections between ideas, which is much easier for our brains to do when we’re working with images — Inboard is perfect.It’s like a personal, desktop version of Pinterest and allows you to import images and view them next to each other.Bold images are much more memorable than small insignificant ones, for example.Both i Thoughts X and XMind allow you to create mind maps on your Mac.The strength of connections within a mind map are often illustrated by the thickness of branches between elements.And additional information can be added by labelling the branches, either with words or with images.


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