What Is Aschers Thesis In On Compassion

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According to her, compassion is that desire or want, to reduce the effect of a painful situation experienced by a person.

She posits that compassion is not an innate trait, but comes by learning through the day-to-day experiences.

Ascher deserves credit for her works and particularly this essay on compassion.

She has given a living example on what people ought to do concerning the issue of compassion in relation to the un- and disabled people.

There is the sense of need and help explained in the article, By describing the situation or a story of a man, she makes the audience think about the situation in which the man was, she has created the bond with the audience.

By explaining the situations and using the word we in the article, she has explained that how women decision, about giving the money to the man can bring the compassion.

Ascher needs to extend her views basing on the current society.

The issue of business is on the peak and people have turned out to be business oriented.

This is so because the decision to help is individual’s secret, even if the lesson of helping is taught to him/her.

She fails to understand that cows can be taken to the river, but cannot be forced to drink the water. She should therefore teach the subject of compassion to the audience and leave them to make their choice, whether to do it or not.


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