What To Write In A Personal Statement For Sixth Form

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If you’re applying for different courses, make sure you focus on the skills required for each of them and try and tailor it to what the highest-ranking universities have asked for.Hobbies, interests and skills This part aims to focus on you as a person.Note down sports you enjoy, teams you’re part of, subjects you may be studying that are not marked, musical instruments you may play and languages that you speak.What you want to study and why Jot down what interests you about the course, with specifics.There’s no point in saying you really like it or you think it’s for you if you don’t mention and highlight specific aspects of the course.Advice A Levels Work Abroad Careers UK University Internships Jobs CV Pre-departure Documentation UK Universities Sixth Form Internships Abroad Application Summer job Summer internship Pre-application Writing a personal statement can be time-consuming, frustrating and slightly overwhelming.In so many words, you’re expected to tell the university why they should pick you personally for your chosen course, and at that said university.Great grades aren’t necessarily the be all and end all of university acceptance letters - saying why you’ve chosen to study your course is perhaps the most important part of your application form, and most definitely of your personal statement.Think of various reasons, not just one, and try and put yourself in the admissions’ tutor’s shoes - don’t go with the clichéed or the too-exotic, be truthful and relevant.It’s not uncommon for students to re-write their personal statement more than 10 times, though some need more drafts and others less. And finally Give yourself enough time, leave it for a couple of days and go back to it.You should have, thanks to this advice, a great personal statement thanks to preparation and revision. Hiya, We have some great advice on Third Year on adapting your CV to apply for jobs internationally.


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