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Contribute The main things that I contribute are humor and being nice.I am a very nice person to the people that I like, and people that are nice to me.

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In the beginning of the book, Brent is just like any normal teenager who struggles to find his place among his high school peers.

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However, his efforts fall flat when the girl, Brianna, rebuffs...

However, his efforts fall flat when the girl, Brianna, rebuffs him in front of everyone, and he becomes the laughing stock of the party.A book can represent the knowledge books share with others.Brent's book on how to make whirligigs had many annotations and notes written by the previous owner, notes and knowledge he would soon add himself. The constant balls of gas that were always there, though sometimes were never seen. At times you only see one, secluded from the world.Time I was disappointed I have been disappointed in my self it happened at the end of the 1st semester.I was very disappointed with my grades I had a low GPA average and it seemed like I would for the rest of high school.This switching showed that what he made did have positive effects on people.The author also made the page numbers be sideways on the page.Then you can see millions, billions of others surrounding it and it is not alone.There are always people around to help and nurture us.He is perhaps a little self-conscious, but he knows that he has to appear confident and sophisticated if he wants to impress.At a party, he desperately tries to talk to a girl he's had his eye on for a while.


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