Why Do I Want To Study Abroad Essay

An added bonus is that there are several free day hike trails, such as Mount Robert and Bealey Spur Track, which offer the finest views of the spectacular scenery.You may even spot one of the many bird species that are unique to New Zealand, like the kiwi bird.

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Commonly referred to as ‘kiwis’, the locals were very welcoming and patient with my classmates and me throughout our entire New Zealand experience.

We were never afraid to ask for suggestions or directions, which offered an inviting, home away from home feeling.

Are you contemplating spending a semester studying overseas?

Maybe the answer is already yes and now you are in the process of determining which country to set your sights (and studies) on.

Professional sports are as significant in New Zealand as they are in the U.

S.; however, the popular sports in New Zealand are rugby and cricket.The culture is infectious in New Zealand, as nods to its rich history are proudly presented throughout the country.The indigenous people of New Zealand are referred to as the Māori and have an extensive and interesting history that spans for centuries.They take rugby, in particular, VERY seriously here, and kiwis happily welcome additional fans, such as you and your classmates, on game day.Fun fact: The All Blacks, New Zealand’s rugby union team, has earned the highest winning record of any national team in the world.While there are respectable study abroad programs across the globe, studying abroad in New Zealand is an ideal option because it provides wonderful experiences (both in and out of the classroom) and the country’s hospitality is unrivaled.Based on my own experience while studying abroad in New Zealand in 2013, I'm certain you will be welcomed with open arms and be provided with memories, opportunities, sights, and studies of a lifetime.With your feet still planted, turn your head 180 degrees to the right and you could very well see snow-topped mountains which appear as though they’ve been plucked straight out of a painting.Be prepared for your jaw to literally drop every time you step outside the classroom, and make sure your camera roll has plenty of storage available.There are also a variety of 3rd party programs that may suit your needs as well.Let’s face it, the inhabitants of foreign countries and how they treat visitors play a big role in the overall weight of your experience while studying there.


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