Why Do Kids Have Homework

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Said differently: Homework has become just busy work in the United States, and children aren’t learning anything additional from it.

And let’s be honest, at one point a child’s homework becomes a parents homework and even I’m regularly guilty of pulling my calculator out to double check my child’s work.

Studies clearly show that young students gain from reading nightly, being read to and picking books of interest to them.

Mark Trifilio, principal of the Orchard School in VT, eliminated HW last year and suggested replacing it with nightly reading, playing outdoors or even eating with your family.

By Maureen Healy Maureen Healy writes and speaks widely on the subjects of children’s emotional health, education and parenting.

She also continues to work directly with children and their parents globally.

To learn more about her books, sessions or programs: @mdhealy Resources The Washington Post – July 17, 2017 Why this superintendent is banning homework – and asking kids to read The Washington Post - February 26, 2017 What happened when one school banned homework – and asked kids to read and play instead Healthline – April 11, 2017 Is too much homework bad for kids’ health?

CBS News – Sept 26, 2016 Growing number of elementary schools now homework free The Battle Over Homework by Harris Cooper (2007) No homework would've helped me a lot, even if it was only till 5th grade or so.

Although not true for everyone, I spent a lot of time on homeworks.

I'm pretty sure that spending more time studying than most other students is what got me ahead.


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