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At its best, lyric writing is a magical mixture of creativity and storytelling that can bring your listener into a world you’ve created and hold them there for the length of your song.However, in order to create the perfect, tightly-scripted narrative that great lyrics possess, countless hours of writing and re-writing are often necessary.Sometimes the best solution is to see how many of those little words can be removed entirely.

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Given the truly limited amount of time you’ve got to make your point in a lyric, it pays to make sure each line serves the message of your hook so that the song’s point is developed and driven home at every opportunity.

Lines that just sound or feel good are, unfortunately, a waste of valuable space.

By asking yourself the questions above, you can make sure you’re not just telling a great story but that you’re telling it in a way that makes people want to lean in and listen. Bio Cliff Goldmacher is a songwriter, producer, session musician, engineer, author and owner of recording studios in Nashville, TN and Sonoma, CA. Educated Songwriter.com, is full of resources for the aspiring songwriter. Nashville Studio Live.com, provides songwriters outside of Nashville with virtual access to Nashville’s best session musicians and singers for their songwriting demos.

Whether you're a well-established wordsmith or someone who's never written a song before, inspiration can strike at any moment.

Every line of every verse is an opportunity to move your story along with new details/information. There’s a danger in assuming that your listener knows what you’re writing about.

Make sure your lyric would be clear to any listener who is hearing your song for the first time.

Could that phrase fit into the perfect chorus for a new song?

Could that melody you've had stuck in your head be the next "Despacito"?

Each image and detail should relate to the overall metaphor in order for the lyric to be at its most powerful.

Be careful, though, not to use so many metaphors that your song sounds contrived. Verses are the place to tell the story and stories are best told with interesting details.


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